Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A moment to exhale....

So I need a minute to if you want but sometimes this is the best place for me to dump my thoughts out and see them written down.

Andrew and I had our first fight yesterday. I'm not going to go into detail, but it was pretty intense and I still don't think I am okay. Its a really long story as well, and I doubt anyone wants to know what really happened. I honestly thought though that we were going to break up and the whole day until I saw him last night I felt horribly sick and awful. Things are better today, but I'm not fully recovered. I am hoping tonight after my class I can see him and that things will get better as each day goes by. I know that he is the one and I never want to loose him, but I feel like the fight is something we needed, everyone has to have some kind of misunderstanding every now and again, not matter if it seems dumb or not it makes your relationship grow.

Things at work continue to be totally insane and I am feeling the stress and pressure of the "adult world" big time. After this week it should blow over, thankfully!

And the chinese restaurant by my work, as I discovered today, is totally gross. I know now to never ever eat there again. Even the crab ragoon was bad and that seems really hard to mess up.

I start school tonight, not sure how I feel about it, but we'll see how things go! All for now everyone, I just needed to vent. I have a meeting in five minutes!


Caitlyn said...

I'm sorry that you guys had a fight. It does happen sometimes. Even Kristin gets disgruntled with her fiance, and if they argue, there's no hope for normal people! I can't believe to took you guys eight months! Will and I had had a million fights by then (we'd also been married 4 months and I was two weeks pregnant, haha)!
I know you stress Amanda, but don't worry about it too much. Things that you think can't be fixed always blow over, and he still loves you in the end and you still love him. That's what's most important. And I love you! Also important!
And congrats on getting your power back. I bet that made your life easier.

Amanda said...

Yes, power = good and I do need to stop stressing out. I too am surprised it took us that long to have an argument, we have pick fights but that was the first major thing ever!

And I love you too, and yes friend love is most important, especially between cupcakes and muffins!