Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My appologies

For posting two days in a row.....although there are probably only like 2 people who even read this thing, but whatever!

Anyhow....I finally finished two of the major projects that I was assigned to at work...man was it stressful and a pain in my butt! The first was 2 brochures for an upcoming conference, easy enough right?!?! Noooo, all the photos that had been used previously were crappy quality for printing so I had to retake tons of pictures. When all that was said and done I layed out several versions of each brochure. At first everyone agreed on the same one, then they realized it had too much text and needed more photos. So I had to start all over again basically, I finally got it all approved and onto the printer late yesterday afternoon after many struggles and stressful days. I now loathe that brochure, well both actually but whatever.

Then there was the tradeshow booth, no matter what I did it was going to look better than what we had before. That was easy, actually much easier than the brochures because all it really entailed was blowing up some photos and our logo and making it into a large panel piece for the booth. Thankfully nothing has gone wrong with that and I go pick up the booth tomorrow afternoon as well as the brochures. I hope I make it to Westerville for class on time.

So now I get to start creating a company intranet, re-do all of our hiring forms so they are consistent, re-do brochures for another special service and finally go back to Pittsburgh to create an ad campaign for them....whew....working full time is nuts!!!!


Mel said...

Hey, no need to apologize when you have something interesting to say! Um, so what are you doing this week? I'll try to call you after work today b/c I get off early (5 PM). I don't know what your class schedule is, but call or email me and let me know if there's any no-can-do days this week. :)

Caitlyn said...

Amanda! I feel like I haven't read anyone's blog in forever! First, post as much as you want, poigniant or not, because I love internet stalking you! Secondly, cars are great! Thirdly, your job sounds crazy and I can't believe that you have a "real" job! Ahhh! I hope I can find one when the time comes!

Amanda said...

Mel: Glad we finally got to chat for a few....tonight I have class till 9 so messaging me on Facebook or email is the best way to let me know about Thursday

Caitlyn: I am glad that you like to stalk me bc I am the super internet stalker! And I agree my job is crazy, but I really do love it, its just been super stressful! I am considering posting again today! haha, I have no life!