Saturday, September 20, 2008


So I have been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of me having this blog....yes maybe its a place for my friends to continue to stalk me via the internet (which is fine because I do the same darn thing) but it is also a place for me to just talk about life. Maybe I should write more poignant things here....but I'm not really sure yet. I like to just talk about life, so maybe that should be the point of this.....a place to talk about life, the life of a 23 year old, continuing studies college student, working full time as a marketing coordinator, a girlfriend, daughter, friend, cousin, niece, goddaughter....whatever other categories I would fall into. I don't want to get into religion or politics via this blog, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions on those topics and I'm not always up for talking about mine, not sure why but whatever.

Oh and my photo for the week is from my college friend Sarah's wedding back in May. I just love that pic and thought I would use it for this week. The new photo of Andrew and I on my sidebar is from my 23rd birthday before we went out to Easton for dinner. I have been bored at work and playing with the photo edit options on Photobucket, which can make for some really cute or really funny photos depending on what you wanna do.

I've been thinking about getting back into my photography this fall after coming across all the fall photos I took last year. I am going to convince Andrew that a day trip to Hocking Hills is in order for us here soon!!! Probably one of the most amazing places I have ever been to in Ohio.

Well I guess thats it, if anyone can think of a purpose for my blog let me know!


Mel said...

So I'm looking at your sidebar, at the part where it lists the upcoming stuff. And I saw the part that says "dress fitting for Amanda's wedding." Is that Amanda Watts, or a different Amanda that I don't know?

Amanda said...

Its Amanda Watts....she is getting married next October, the 24th! I'll be one of her bridesmaids and no joke this is the 7th wedding I have been in and I'm only 23!!!!!