Friday, November 7, 2008

Haiku Friday

Again heart is torn
Try to forget, its so hard
Make it go away

Nothing eases my
Aches, pains, lonely nights, sad heart
I want to move on

At least its Friday
Seeing a friend should help me
In time it will fade

Its been a really rough week, but each day I feel slightly better. Work has been hectic, lots of bids for new business and I'm still working to complete all of our hiring forms. I have taken over some new duties here and I am able to work almost totally independently now, which feels kinda good. My 90-day probation is over and I get my health insurance in less than 3 weeks! Next weekend I am going to our Cleveland office with my boss to implement a new on-call weekend delivery system so that should be interesting. She asked me to help with a presentation, I feel really good about that.

As much as I'd like to move on and meet some new people I know I am not ready at all for that step. I'm sure I'll get there, I'm thinking maybe after the holidays. For now I'll just focus on work, school, family, friends and the upcoming Holiday Season!

Hope that everyone has a good weekend, and come visit me at 3 Belles Consignment on Saturday between 4pm and 7pm for some great used woman's clothes!


maggie said...

Hugs to you. Such a beautiful but sad haiku. So many of us can relate, I think. It's hard, no matter the circumstances. Be gentle with you.

Anonymous said...

Things will get better. Sometimes it takes more time than we anticipate. Take care of you...extra special care of y ou.

Honey Mommy said...

Hope you enjoy your holidays, work and family. Things will slowly get better.

Amanda said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments, I seem to be doing better after a weekend of relaxation and time with my family! Things can only get better from here!

Storytellin' Mama said...

Love the Haiku... hope your feeling better soon!!