Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tribute

So I thought this might be something fun and new to try, since I only really do Haiku Friday every week and it gives me an opportunity to write about someone who means a lot to me and has shown me strength. I found this on Honey Mommy's blog and figured why not!

So this blog is dedicated to telling the story about my dad and the recent struggle that he is facing.....enjoy!

My dad, for as long as I can remember, has been in route sales. Driving a truck, delivering product and making good money for our family. For most of this time he's been working for Bob Evans Farms, which I'm sure everyone has heard of, and its been a good job. He makes good money and has been able to provide a wonderful life for my family and me with a college education all thanks to that job. But after April 17th, my dad will no longer have that job as his position is being done away with in favor of having all Bob Evans grocery store products shipped by semi-truck from a warehouse directly to each of the grocery stores and restaurants.

As a family, we knew that someday this would happen, that soon enough they would do away with routes because they probably cost the company a lot of money. What makes this even worse is that at the annual Holiday Party my dad was named Salesman of the Year, which is a HUGE honor that comes with a great deal of praise. So much in fact that my dad cried, and trust me it takes a lot to make that man cry. The award is called the Silver Stetson and is given to the salesman who has good record of sales for the year, is courteous to customers and goes out of his way to service them as well as someone who is all around a good representative to the company. Looking back, it all seems bittersweet.

But through all of this my dad has been surprisingly strong, at least to the point that he doesn't show me or my brother how hurt and down he is probably feeling. He has his moments, when he gets home from work and looks like he has just come through the gates of hell, but after a good meal and some conversation he seems better. He just has to push through these next few months and after that we don't know what will happen. The whole thing really does suck, mostly because of my dads boss who is an arrogant pompous asshole (sorry, but he really is) who makes jokes about the guys loosing their jobs and treats them all like second class citizens. He has no compassion about the situation and how it will affect all of the guys there (about 7 in total), he just sits and makes jokes about it and spends his days on "business trips" and going to "golf outings."

All that my dad and my family can do at this point is hope and pray that he is able to find another good job. He goes get a severance package, a brief period of health insurance and unemployment, but it still makes me worry. He is the bread winner for the family and I am sure he's very worried about what will happen in the coming months. Below is my favorite photo of my dad (he's on the right) and if you'd like to participate, click on the bottom at the bottom of my post!

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.


kisatrtle said...

I will pray that your dad finds another job!

Jenners said...

Oh ... this is so terrible. I feel so bad ... and I just hate your dad's boss! What an arrogant, insensitive jerk! And it is so sad when good people who do good jobs get phased out to save a little money. In the overall view of things, would it be so bad for Bob Evans to just keep things the ways they were for a little bit? Get rid of the horrible boss and keep the good and valued employees around. I pray that your dad finds something without too much trouble ... I know in this day and age it is very stressful when this happens -- it is happening to way too many people I know. This was a great tribute to your dad and I'm sure it makes him happy. I'm sending you good wishes through the universe!

And thank you for visiting my blog -- it is so appreciated.

Deb said...

what a loving tribute. he sounds like such a wonderful and committed father! i am so sorry this has happened. i am hoping and praying something else comes along!

thanks for participating in our tuesday tribute! hope to see you again next week!

Honey Mommy said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. It is really tough to lose your job, especially when you know that you are good at it.

I hope he can find another job soon!