Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the moms on here!

A very happy Mothers Day to you all! We're having our annual cookout today, featuring steaks and chicken, cheesy noodles (from Paula Deen), salad, green beans and mushrooms, and Southern Alabama Pound Cake (also from Paula Deen....nothing like 4lbs of okay maybe just one).

I've got several friends who are wonderful moms now and I'd like to wish them a wonderful day! Maybe many moons from now I'll be joining you, but for now I'll just be a mommy to a basset hound and a few cats :)

On a less cheerful note, my grandmother and Andrew's were both put into Hospice this week.....oddly enough they both have dimensia and have been living in nursing homes for quite some time. Its sad that its come to this for them both, but to me the worst thing would be to loose your mind....I don't think I could handle that kind of illness.

But I'm off to snap beans and chop salad!

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Honey Mommy said...

So sad about the grandmothers.

Sounds like the cookout was delicious! Wish I could have sampled the fare!