Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why does God call upon children?

A friend of mine from high school had to deal with a tragic loss this weekend. On Friday afternoon she went into premature labor and was only 22 weeks along. She had just recently found out she was having a boy to add to her family of three, herself, husband and daughter. She was beyond excited to have become pregnant again after discovering she had PCOS last year, which can often mean that you are unable to have children without the assistance of fertility treaments.

We had talked in length on Myspace about her excitement and I was thrilled to see her ultrasound photos and growing belly pictures; if anyone wanted a baby it was her and her excitement was contagious.

After 19 hours of labor her son Ross was born sometime on Saturday and passed away soon after. I cannot imagine how it would feel to loose a child, let alone one who only had a few hours on earth with his family.

Please keep the South family in your prayers that they find peace in knowing that God called Ross to heaven for a reason. I wish that she lived closer so that I could be there for her, its so hard to even know what is right to say.

I read several blogs through this site and many had covered the untimely passing of children the last few months, and it really makes you wonder....why does God want these young ones to be with him? He must really have a purpose for them that is far beyond what we would know and that's really the only way to make sense of all this right now.

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