Monday, November 16, 2009

How the times have changed

I hung out with my best group of college friends on Saturday for the Ohio State game. We drank and ate and the girls sort of watched the game and chatted the evening away. Its funny how our conversations have changed since college. We talked about different things we've been cooking, cleaning tips, gas stoves compared to electric and home maintenance. Five years ago we would have only worried about what shoes we were wearing to the dance club and who was going to help straighten our hair. Its funny how much things have changed. We all have significant others, one of us is married and another will be married by this time next year. None of us live at home anymore and we all have full time jobs. I don't feel we have changed in bad ways, but that we have all matured in some way or another without realizing it.

I find that I've changed a lot in my habits and spending as well. I don't shop nearly as much as I used too and if I do, I'll admit its at a consignment store or goodwill. I did spend a good $30 at Target the other day on clothes but I needed socks and new white shirts to wear under some of my winter clothes. I shop at Aldi now for groceries and I get excited when I get a good deal on food or something I really needed for the house. I don't think that would have excited me five years ago. I don't drink during the week anymore, I go out to eat maybe once a week, I've given up fast food and I don't drink pop anymore either.

Its funny to look back and see how things have have things changed for you?


Unknown said...

Yeah, those years from 19 to 24 are five long ones, aren't they? I'm pretty sure you know how stuff has changed for me... married, a kid, my degree, and another kid on the way! No job, though. Sigh. Still working on that one.

Amanda said...

They are long years and it seems like everyone I know has changed in that time in one way or another!

Bethany said...

I'm an Aldi shopper too. I didn't realize there were so many in Cbus but apparently there are! I've definitely changed..most of my talk now is about work/ more college classes, dances, etc. It's crazy!

Amanda said...

I love Aldi, I never shopped there till I started dating my boyfriend and he turned me on to the place so to speak! The deals are just so great that I can't say no!