Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Holidays to everyone

Instead of posting the somewhat whiny blog I had written about confessing things I've been lax on lately, why not something cheerful!

Align CenterThe 2009 Miller Family Christmas photo (boyfriend included)

My younger brother and myself - this picture basically describes us and our relationship now that we are older. I am very grateful that we are close now, that we do things together and that the confides in me; it was never like that when we were kids.

Our very first Christmas tree from the tree farm owned by Andrew's Aunt and sister. We cut it down and everything! I did most of the decorating alone but it was nice (I was even energy efficient and got the LED lights for the tree).

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Summer said...

Aweee!!! You guys all look so cute!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks :) the matching outfits were my mom's idea....at least its not all white outfits like the picture we had taken as kids, that was not cute!