Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just when you think its over....

I have a few "friends" that I don't talk to anymore and I'm pretty sure I've discussed this topic before. Said friends and I haven't spoken in about a year. The other day I got a message on Facebook from someone who knows one of them and she proceeded to tell me how this girl STILL talks crap about me and bascially spreads rumors. This mutual friend wanted to see if I had noticed this girls same dramatic and strange behavior and wondered if she too had tried to manipulate me into disliking people. Mind you, I am 24 and so is this person, she's only a few weeks older than me. Just one example, she would give anything to be in high school again and just to make herself feel like she is still there hangs out with people who are 18 and 19 years old. She did not have the college experience and I think in some ways she is trying to make herself younger by acting this way.

Said "friend" has always been judgmental and dramatic and surrounds herself with people who are dramatic. If you don't practice her religion of the moment, she doesn't want to be your friend. If you "live in sin" well that's no good either, even if she did the same thing with more than one guy. She told this mutual friend that Andrew runs my life and won't let me have friends, which is the funniest and dumbest thing I've heard in a very long time. He would NEVER tell me who I can and cannot talk to or be friends with and if he did we would not be together. Sure there are times when any of us in relationships would just rather stay home with that person then go out, but if your significant other is that controlling, then you need to get out now. If anyone is controlling its her husband, she cannot do anything without his permission or him calling her every 15 minutes. This same person saw my mom last year and told her that I needed to seek God to become a better person. My mom thought she was a little off her rocker.

If she was really a "Christian", then she wouldn't be judging me. She would accept me for who I am and since I already have a faith that I practice which she has known about since we met. I've been happy in my religion for my whole life, and just because you church hop doesn't mean that I will too. I have a relationship with God and I love being Catholic.

When we all stopped talking to one another it was quite upsetting and although I've considered trying to fix things, in the end its probably just not worth it (at least with this person). I don't want to be surrounded by dramatic people, we are all adults and in some respects should act like adults. If you are going to kick people out of weddings for not returning a phone call and tell someone's mom that they need to seek God and that you pray for them all the time then you've got bigger problems than I feel like dealing with.

**And this ends the Tuesday rant, thank you to those who read this post and feel free to comment if you've ever been in a similar situation**


Summer said...

Ugh, I hate chick drama. Those are the kind of girls you should be happy aren't in your life.

Friendships don't need to be soooo hard, you know?

And as for the comment you left on my blog...yes Stevia is actually good for you!!! And all natural!

Amanda said...

Yeah chick drama is the pits for sure!!! I'm glad to not have all of that to deal with, but at the same time I just wish they would quit talking about me!

And thanks for letting me know about the Stevia, I've been trying to find alternatives to sugar and even splenda gives me the bad belly aches!

Unknown said...

She's crazy and sad. I'd LOVE to have a religious discussion with her some day... wahahaha! >:)) Crazy Christians are my favorite. It's sad that some people cling to the past... especially when the person they're talking about so doesn't care anymore. Pathetic for her.

Also, miss you and love you. I still want you to come to my house and make cookies sometime!

Amanda said...

I miss you and love you too Caitlyn! I'd love for you to give said person a dose of reality, I'm guessing you know who I am talking about!

I'm busy tonight and tomorrow but we will plan a time soon to get together :)

Amanda said...

Any time someone throws religious jargon around so indiscriminantly, for me it signals an internal warning that screams, "Cuh-razy!!" Seriously, the people that stand around telling others they need to find god are usually found on street corners in large cities.

Queen of Feisty said...

OH AMEN sister. Being 31 I have seen and been around all that and more. I was raised Catholic, and my Christian friends just didn't get my religion. I hated the fact that they judged what my religion was. Nice, real nice. But that seems to be the way most of my Christian friends are. EXTREEMLY judgemental, but they can go to church and get forgiven for all that each week (sorry to offend anyone! These are my friends I'm talking about!)

And the drama thing. OH I SO put a big ol' NO DRAMA sign on my front door. I am SO over that. If you've got issues I don't wantem. That is what I've got Facebook for. I can talk to my friends at a distance. Seems to be less drama for me. Oh and I refuse to "friend" everyone who asks. If your drama, you can bet your dramatic self I hit "ignore!"

Queen of Feisty