Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've hit a wall

I've been trying since the fall to loose this 20lbs that I've managed to gain since Andrew and I got back together and I just can't seem to feel better about it. I have done nothing extreme to try to loose weight (I've done the Hydroxycut and the Green Tea pills before) and I've tried to workout a considerable amount during the week.

I buy healthy snacks.
I don't drink pop anymore.
I drink lots of water during the day and at home.
I don't eat fast food but maybe once a month.
I bring food from home and I avoid the vending machine.
I don't drink beer anymore (although I'm sure wine isn't much healthier)

Winter is killing me though....if I could just get outside to do things!! I love walking the dog but I have to take her to the field next to the house which is a total mud-hole right now (the pavement is too hard on her poor foot that was broken when she was a puppy). I can't afford to join a gym right now and I've got my Carmen Electra and 30 Day Shred DVD's in constant rotation, but I feel like its not enough.

My new plan is to work out in the morning before work (now that I go in around 7:30). If I get to bed by 10pm at the latest I can get up around 5:15ish and workout for 30 mins, shower and get ready for work. I also am going to try to eat breakfast as much as possible. I got some oatmeal at the store last week and yogurt so one of those would be fine as well - maybe even an egg and some cheese on an english muffin too!

I just don't know what else I can do to try and make myself healthier. I did decide though to be more vegetarian after we eat up some more of the beef we purchased in the fall. I'm looking for some suggestions here!!! Things I can do at home and eating habits that I can establish to make this weight come off before summer, and thanks in advance to anyone that wishes to comment!


Amanda said...

Some of my friends have been successful with weight loss by cutting sugars, reducing carbs and salt and staying away from processed foods. Being veggie hasn't necessarily helped my weight but has helped with other things. We should swap emails so we can share recipes.

Natalie said...

well, sometimes it depends on the kinds of foods you're eating at home. if you're buying things that are high in fats, sugars, and sodium you probably aren't helping yourself. but i don't really know your diet.

after my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he cut his red meat consumption way down. when i'm home from school we eat dinners with eggplant, tuna, salmon, chicken, turkey, pork, etc. But it's not fried - we grill it on the BBQ or cook it in the crock pot.

we steam a lot of our vegetables, or we cook those on the BBQ as well. cucumber and yellow squash are really good grilled.

we also eat a lot of salads with our dinners. i like to put craisins in my salad to give it a little something sweet.

anyway, that's just my two cents. i hope you can figure something out. :)

Amanda said...

We don't really buy any sugary snacks, I get yougurt if I need something sweet or let myself have one piece of candy (like a little Andie's mint or something).

We are trying to cut down on meat and I try to have a veggie with every meal or at least a salad. I take a salad for lunch at work each day as well. The crock pot is a great thing, I need to get some more recipes, I just got a new one for Christmas!!!

I would say that my biggest weakness right now is chips, my boyfriend works at Frito Lay and I love it when he brings chips home but I try to make him only bring the healthy kinds!