Friday, January 29, 2010

One of my odd talents

I know I've blogged before about my love of antiques and that there are particular ones that spike my interest more than others. Andrew's mom and sister seem amazed sometimes that I've managed to memorize what the different types of glassware look like and that I can guesstimate their value as well. I get a rush from finding these treasures and paying low prices for them and I guess its better than most addictions like drinking or doing drugs.....but I digress. This is my strange talent and love of glass.

This stuff for example is Duncan-Miller and the pattern is called Cantebury - its my moms favorite. She started collecting this because her mom and her grandma both worked in this factory in Pennsylvania. Since my mom's mother died when she was 4, she doesn't have many memories of her so collecting this glass is sort of my moms way of connecting with her past. I only had one piece until about 3 months ago when I was at an auction that just so happened to have lots of Duncan-Miller pieces! I saw that vase and I just had to have it, I paid about $7 and I've never seen one like it!

Most of what you see here is Anchor Hocking made 30 mins away from where I live in Lancaster, OH. The top and middle shelf is called Bubble, its a clear glass with a slight blue tint. The two plates on the bottom are Early American Presscut and the glasses and pitcher are unknown....the glasses were Andrew's parents and the pitcher I got at a garage sale because it was so cute!

I know most people my age could care less about this stuff, but its something that's important to me. I think once a week now I'm going to blog about my new glassware treasures. I'm going to an auction tomorrow with Andrew's mom and sister so I'm sure I'll find some treasures there!

So what sort of things do you collect? Is there a particular item you have in that collection that you hold close to your heart?


Katie said...

I think its awesome that you found something like that. It connects generations!

Amanda said...

Thanks :) I'm probably the only 24 year old I know that does this, but its a hobby!