Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

I look forward to weekends now probably more than I ever have in my whole life. Right now its just about the only time I get to spend with Andrew that lasts for more than 3 hours. He goes to bed at 7pm now and I'm not home from work till 4:30 most days.

Friday: I talked Andrew into taking me out to eat at Roosters, our favorite wing joint! The food was good but our waitress was lame. We headed home and by 9pm we were in bed. Both of us were so exhausted from the week!

Saturday: Andrew and my brother headed an hour north to a junkyard on the hunt for a 350 for my brothers '66 Chevy Truck (Rusty, as we call him). I stayed home and cleaned up the house and did about 5 loads of laundry (ick) and waited till my bestie Laura got off work so we could hang out. We went thrifting which was a total blast and got lots of stuff and grabbed some food on the way home (I decided on was AMAZING). We had some sparkling wine and watched TV and carried on till 11pm, which anymore is super late for me!

Sunday: I made my typical big weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon and fried potatoes with cheese (yeah its not healthy but its so good on a weekend morning) and hung out with Andrew till we headed to the Scott Antique Market at the fairgrounds. There was so much stuff there that it was overwhelming and there was no way you could really see everything. Jewelery, furniture, decorations, glassware, toys and memorabilia - pretty much everything you could ever want! I got yet another vintage coat, knee length black wool for $12 and a case for my vintage jewelery too!

Goals for the week: Try cooking a new dish; workout in the morning at least twice; clean the bathroom; organize stuff for the summer garage sale.

Coming up next weekend: Auction on Saturday at the Fairfield Co. Fairgrounds with Andrew's mom and sister!


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend!

Amanda said...

I'll have to post again after this auction we are going to on Saturday!!! Should be a good one!