Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend in Photos

We shaved off Andrews winter beard he's been growing since Thanksgiving Friday night.



When we went to dinner that night the guy at La Fagota (our fave mexican place) laughed when he ordered a beer - does he really not look 27 without the beard??

My brother turned 21 on Sunday - he wanted a giant cookie cake with a monster truck and so that's what I did! We had stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes for dinner and took him to the American Legion for his first legal drink afterward!

My brother got a dog a few weeks ago - he found Max on Craigslist and kind of adopted him without telling my parents. He's two and really needs to be neutered. He's a little jumpy and wild but he's been better. They've had him for about three weeks.

That's about all the excitement for me this weekend - I've got a few blogs in the works for this week!


Unknown said...

I love your new dog : ) Or your brothers! I can not believe how much different your husband looks after he shaved his beard! WOW : )

I am visiting via Mama Kat's tonight!

Aleta said...

Beards can really age a man. He looks SO MUCH YOUNGER without the beard. He's a handsome guy, definitely doesn't need the beard!

And cute dog!

Amanda said...

I guess he really does look like a baby, I've been noticing it more over the last few days. I just got so used to the beard!