Friday, March 26, 2010

A year already

I was looking through an old journal the other day and realized its been one year since Andrew bought our house! The picture above is from last summer a few months before I moved in and not much has changed really.

This was one of the first houses we looked at and Andrew just kept going back to it time and time again. I for one hated the house - the basement was flooded, there was mold on some of the walls, it had no working furnace or hot water heater and the whole place needed work. The house I loved turned out to have even more awful problems than this one and we had to walk away.

We have many more projects to do this summer - painting the trim (probably a dark brown), landscaping, sealing the driveway and a lot of other things. Its exciting to be able to make the house our own and do things that we want. I know our next house might not be such a fixer-upper and that's fine by me! My hope is that we'll have more land and maybe even be able to build next time around.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as the projects continue this summer!

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Anonymous said...

Terrific house! I live in an apartment, and houses around here cost a fortune.

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