Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday again

I don't really have much for a weekend re-cap (I didn't take any pictures this weekend, nothing too thrilling was going on).

Friday: We went out to dinner after Andrew got off work and then walked around in Home Depot. I got some garden tools and we headed home to have a few drinks on the deck.

Saturday: I started my "Spring Cleaning" by moving furniture in the living room and getting all the dog hair out from under the couch - I hate to admit I don't do this often enough, scrubbed the floor in my hands and knees and then scrubbed down the bathroom. Laundry and cleaning the kitchen followed while Andrew was helping my brother with his truck (its almost done). We stayed home that night and cooked our last two steaks on the grill. I made Andrew watch Father of the Bride with me for the millionth time too :)

Sunday: I sang at church at noon and then ran some errands with Andrew before dinner at my parents. I got nice flowers for my mom, wine and made a relish tray and carrot cake (from scratch). My mom wrote me the nicest email thanking me for bringing everything to dinner. We had a great meal, my dad outdid himself as always with a standing rib roast that was incredible and we had asparagus and my moms homemade dinner rolls. We worked on the yard a little after we got home.

For the week ahead: getting more yard work done before we have another cold snap, starting my square foot garden, more spring cleaning/getting rid of clothes, start working out for real this week!!!!

So how was everyone's Easter Weekend or just your weekend in general?

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