Friday, September 3, 2010

A small wrap-up

So I've been bad about posting this week and I honestly have no excuse. I'm not taking any classes right now and I've just been doing stuff around the house, re-organizing my pantry for the next diet phase and a few other things.
  • The no carb phase of the diet really wasn't that horrible. I learned how to cook some new foods and I even bought a new veggie steamer and tried some foods I might not have otherwise. I'm not sure why I thought I hated broccoli and cauliflower, but now I love them!
  • I've lost around 8lbs, the low end of what you can loose in the first two weeks. I had a hard time working out the first week because I had zero energy for anything. I felt hungry all the time and it was hard to workout with my stomach growling.
  • I did a lot of canning - I have 20 or so pints of applesauce and 10 quarts of tomatoes. Next year I'll have my own canning equipment so I can do more at home and I got the famous Ball Blue Book on Canning so I can learn how to do more things. I'm so thankful for Andrew's mom teaching me how to can!
  • I got fabric to make curtains for my kitchen! I want to do cafe curtains and I'm hoping this can be a project my mom and I can do, since she has been complaining that we don't spend enough time together.
  • I have about 10 weeks of college left, give or take - I finally have my graduation application turned in after a few set backs and I go back to school on the 13th!
Hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!


Stephanie said...

awesome job! it would be SO hard for me to give up carbs!

how exciting to see the end in sight for school! i can't wait for that. :)

happy labor day weekend!

Suzie Que said...

Some weeks it's easier to post. Great work on giving up carbs! Kudos because I've tried and it just wasn't worth it for me.