Thursday, September 9, 2010

South Beach Diet Part 2

So Monday was the end of "Phase One" of the South Beach Diet, which meant NO CARBS or sweets for two weeks. Yes, it was hard and we cheated once at a cookout for my internship. Andrew managed to loose 10lbs (boys always loose it faster) and I lost 7lbs. The low end of the loosing but I had a really hard time working out the first two weeks. I felt weak even with eating the 3 meals plus having two or three snacks.

Now we're onto "Phase 2" where we can eat carbs again, but they all have to be whole grain. Starting out we can have one to two starches per day but have to avoid sweets, potatoes and any white pasta or bread. This wasn't too horrible to think about because we don't eat white bread and for the most part I use whole wheat pasta. For snacks we can have nuts (no salt only), fruit, yogurt and veggies. I threw out/gave to other people most everything we could not eat during phase one so I had to restock my pantry for this next phase. I went to Amish Country with Andrews mom and sister to stock up on things from the bulk food store and organic food store.

I found lots of unsalted nuts, spices, different whole grain pastas (even lasagna noodles, which I didn't even know they made in whole grain) and bean soup mixes for this winter. Prior to this diet we were trying to go more vegetarian and hadn't been eating as much meat, but on this diet we can have lots of lean proteins and I've added a little red meat back into our diet.

Cooking hasn't been too difficult, now its just about keeping track of what we eat. I've gotten back into my workout routine and until school starts again I'll be doing my 30 Day Shred DVD and then I'll hit the gym at school. I'm also on the hunt for an Elliptical on Craigslist and hope to find one soon!

I'm feeling good about this diet and making it something that we can do for a long time! Thank you also to everyone for their encouragement!


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Good luck on your diet! I eat a lot of whole wheat - it seems like everytime i go grocery shopping, something else is available in a whole wheat version :) Elipticals are wonderful workouts, hope you find one! I love 'em!

Amanda said...

Hey, you're inspiring me to do better! And just the name of that DVD ('Shred') sounds powerful! Keep up the fantastic work!

Stephanie said...

great job at maintaining! my husband keeps telling me people he knows who have lost a lot of weight on the SB diet. he wants to try it, but it would be SUPER hard for me seeing i don't like vegetables! :)

Sandra said...

Congrats on the weight loss! My mom and her husband did the South Beach and they lost a lot of weight, and have kept it off three years later (sort of).
Sounds like you guys really have a handle on it.