Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another week of the "new me"

I've been doing really well this week with my diet and working out (I mean shoveling snow off the sidewalk is also a good workout). I have been eating a lot of healthy things, like fruit for breakfast and snacks, adding more veggies to our meals and trying to cut out more carbs. My most difficult thing has been desserts, I love candy, ice cream and chocolate. I found these little Weight Watchers ice cream cups and they have held me over when I need a sweet tooth fix.

Working out has been going much better, my body doesn't feel like its going to fall apart after every work out and I've been mixing things up to keep it exciting and to work as much of my body as possible. For those of you who do Pilates, man you must have slamming bodies, I did an ab video and it really worked my core hard!

Cheating - well there was a little yesterday when we went to Amish country and I had mashed potatoes with my lunch and half a piece of peanut butter pie (none of the fruit pies they had for the day sounded appealing).

People say they can tell I'm loosing weight but right now I feel like a lot of it is water weight because I've been cutting out a lot of sodium and a good deal of carbs and if I do eat carbs its all whole grain (part of that South Beach Diet I've kept going). I've found though that its not really all about the diet, yeah you shouldn't eat junk all day, but its mostly portions and keeping your metabolism going throughout the day.

This week my goal is to work out everyday but Sunday and to try a few new recipes!


mypixieblog said...

Wow! That's amazing--sounds like you are doing such a great job with this diet, good for you! :) And dear lord, I dunno how I would be able to pass up pies or mashed potatoes from Amish country either. YUMS! Pilates is a lot of fun, but definitely challenging. When I used to do it regularly, I had some pretty kicka** abs, it's such great core work!

Unknown said...

Good job! For me, the only way I can stay even close to my goals (I count calories) is to let myself splurge every once in a while. If I didn't, one day I'd go crazy and start eating everthing in sight. Like Cookie Monster, but with everything.