Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting back on track

I've decided that starting today, its back to a better diet and exercise - and no this isn't a "New Years Resolution" I'm just sick of feeling fat.

My goal is to consistently loose weight, if its a pound a week, fine. If its 10 pounds a week, that's even better (totally joking here though because that seems impossible/is probably not healthy).

No one believes I'm going to stick with it this time, but I have a feeling I will. See its all about this "body image" issue that I've been having. It started with my mom getting me the Clinique Clinical Dark Spot corrector for Christmas, and in one week I am already seeing an improvement. Since my acne scars are going away to quickly I want to see this weight come off as well. Its been hanging around far too long. I've been horrible about eating well, drinking more than I should and snacking during the day because I get bored while looking for jobs.

I'm getting back to the healthy eating. I bought a lot of good food to make this week and didn't get any junk food at the grocery store. I'm also going to detox from alcohol and coffee for one month and see if that helps with my heartburn (I've read that weight loss also helps with heartburn).

I'm not sure just yet what my goal weight is but I'd like to be a size 8-10 again; here is what I'm going to attempt for a routine.

- Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Work out with my "sister-in-law" either doing a DVD workout or a long walk around the farm where they live.
- Tuesday and Thursday: Use my treadmill for at least 20 minutes alternating jogging and walking.
- The weekends: Not sure yet, when its warm we go on a lot of bike rides, but right now we don't do many outdoor activities.

I hope I can really make it work this time!

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