Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Dream List

Now that there is a decent possibility that I'll have a job by Valentines Day (I'm about 98% sure, but trying not to get too excited till I get my actual offer) I've been thinking about things I really want for the house. We were out and about today and I took a look at a few things I've been dying to get and the top 10 list is:

1) A small deep freeze - much like the one pictured. I plan on freezing and canning a lot of food this summer because I'm going to do a square foot garden. I also feel like our freezer gets full so fast because we have a side-by-side and now a Sam's Club membership so you do the math.

2) New couch and love seat for our living room - Preferably something in leather or microsuede, a dark tan or brown would be nice. I haven't been able to find a picture of something that I want really bad or anything and I'd rather go and look in a store then on the internet.

3) Maybe some new dishes/pots and pans - I will probably wait and ask for these as a wedding gift (lol well you know it's nice to dream). We were at Kmart today and I was browsing the dishes while Andrew looked at tools and saw a few Corelle and Country Living sets I liked a lot. Pictured is the Corelle set and Sears didn't have a picture of the Country Living set that I loved but it's called Blue Denim and its adorable! A little country but I like it a lot. I've also got a set of Calphalon pots and pans picked out that I've wanted for the last seven years.

4) A new vacuum that is good at picking up dog hair: We currently have an upstairs and downstairs sweeper system going but I'd like to get it down to just one. I know everyone keeps saying get a Dyson - but I'm not going to. I've heard they break often and you have to send them overseas to have them repaired (this was from a vacuum salesman if you can believe that). Instead I'm going to get a Shark, its $150, lightweight and has a whole bunch of attachments just for dog hair!

I can't wait to be making decent money and to be able to afford things like this. And then maybe someday when I get my loans paid off I can finally get a car of my own and a list of about a million other things.


paige said...

I love sitting around and thinking of things I could get if I made more money. Or if I won the lottery. :)

mypixieblog said...

I would also recommend against the Dyson, personally. That thing is a BEAR to schlepp around and makes the chore that much more of a headache. I didn't really find anything that spectacular about it when my ex had one and I'd much rather get something lightweight, honestly.

I have a list of "sometime in my life" purchases. Just really random things that I need/want. It's fun to think of those things :)