Sunday, April 17, 2011

I still cannot believe it

Yesterday it was a week since we got engaged and I'm still somewhat in disbelief. We have set a date (September 22, 2012) and the reception at least will most likely be at his parents beautiful farm. I wanted to get married in October but I'm afraid it will be too cold. I still want to go with a vintage/fall/country theme despite it being early fall.

I've asked all of my bridesmaids and I've started getting ideas from magazines and the internet. We're looking into halls and country clubs as well for the reception but since we're on a tight budget I think a tent is going to be our best bet.

I know I have a REALLY long time until the actual wedding and an equally long amount of time to plan but I cannot stand procrastinating.

Here are some more fun pictures I took of the ring! Hope that everyone has a good week!


Maya said...

Beautiful! I am really excited for you! I think that's a great theme. :-)

Amanda said...

Yay, girl!! I've been MIA but this is awesome news to return to! I cannot wait to see the details as you plan your perfect day!