Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How my garden grows

I took this picture just a week ago and believe it or not my plants have doubled in size! I'm going to take another picture this weekend because I can hardly believe it as well. I've been wanting to do a square foot garden since we bought the house, but last year I really didn't have time because of school and just did tomato plants instead.

The garden includes: 3 kinds of large tomatoes and 2 cherry tomato plants, eggplant, yellow squash, radishes, red onions, white bunching onions, 6 kinds of peppers (3 bell peppers and 3 hot peppers), romaine lettuce and red cabbage. I also have two more heads of red cabbage and zuchini's in pots by our deck along with cilatro, parsley and basil!

I don't think I'll see much "money saving" from the garden this year, but I'm hoping that next year I will. The dirt alone cost about $90 and thankfully we already had the wood and netting from when I thought I would make the garden last year. If things go well, I'm going to make another 4x6 box next year or in the fall. I'd love to have one with early plants and one with summer plants.

I'll be sure to update throughout the summer how things are going and how much I'm able to harvest!!

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Jessica said...

I bet you're right - in the long run, you'll save money. All of those veggies sound so delicious - I've had this thing for red peppers over the past year or so. I just love how sweet/spicy they are...yummy!