Wednesday, February 8, 2012

an update in photos

My life has not been very exciting recently, I've mostly been working and doing things around the house. Over the weekend, Andrew and I celebrated our four year anniversary. It was pretty low key, we spent Saturday night at his old roomates place out in West Jefferson. They were having a little party and it only seemed appropriate to hang out at the place where we fell in love. We exchanged small gifts (I got Andrew a grilling book and a sign for the garage) and he got me a spider plant. I know that sounds odd, but I've been wanting one for a long time and it will be a nice addition to our other house plants.

I also learned how to crochet on Sunday and took to it pretty quickly. I'm hoping to turn what I've started into a large blanket for our living room. I've loved knitting on the loom, but I can only make hats and scarves using those and since this winter has been so mild, I'm kind of over it!

Its sort of relaxing to come home after a long day at work and spend the evening working on this blanket.....its therapy for me without all the cost.

We also moved some furniture into the new room downstairs and the old office upstairs is basically empty (all that's left is a dresser) and we'll be turning it into a spare bedroom. I still need to go get some furniture from my parents house so we can fill the room back up again. As far as stuff for the rest of the room, we want to get a loveseat and a TV and sort of use this room as a place to relax and a home office space. Up next on the remodel list is putting in a bathroom next to this room and a mudroom as well.

I've also been busy with the wedding planning - picking out a pattern for the flower girl dresses, finally finding invitations that I like and go with our theme, ordering seeds for the flowers we are going to grow and narrowing down the colors. These next seven months are going to pass quickly I imagine!

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