Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So what Wednesday!!

This week I'm saying so what......
  • that I'm obsessed with weight watchers, when I talk about it I feel like people around me are getting annoyed.  I'm just so excited about losing weight and making healthy choices!
  • if I am once again addicted to pinterest, I have been using it to look up recipes for WW.
  • if I have ordered so much stuff from shutterfly lately, It's all been wedding stuff, they had an awesome photo book sale so I got one for my mom, grandma and us!!
  • that I'm still not quite back in a good workout routine, I will get there soon.  I keep going back and forth about buying an elliptical but I just can't make up my mind!  For now, I'll keep using my semi-crappy treadmill and workout DVD's.
  • that I finally, officially changed my last name!  I got my new license this weekend and I'm in the process of changing it with the bank and so forth.
  • if I cannot ever make up my mind about my hair.  I cut a good chunk of it off right before Thanksgiving and never went back for a trim.  Now I have a hair appointment tonight and want to cut it really short but I'm worried that I'll hate it.  I've also decided not to color it for a while.
  • if I still have some stuff from Christmas to put away, its mostly gifts.
  • if I'm already planning our Memorial Day party in my head and it's four months away.  I am so ready for summer!
What are YOU saying so what to this week?!

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