Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 years = 1,826 days

My dearest Andrew,

Five years doesn't seem like all that long ago, time has gone by so quickly.  It's hard to believe that you were 25 and I was 22 when we met, we sure didn't seem that young.

I knew then that we were meant to be together and over those next three years our relationship really grew and blossomed.  You bought a house, we moved in together, we not only feel deeper in love but we developed a great relationship with each others families, something I've always dreamed of having in a relationship.

You helped me reach my goal of finally graduating from college, you took me camping for the first time, taught me how to fish with a bait caster, made fun of me for not being able to walk up an ice covered hill, let me cry on your shoulder more times than I can count and finally one day you asked me to be your wife.  Second to meeting you and our wedding day, that was one of the best days of my life.

You've been there for me through some of my darkest hours (my dad loosing his job, me hating my job, school, my grandpa's two years of cancer treatment and his slow decline till he passed away) as well as some of my biggest joys (finally finishing school, getting a job where I could use my degree).  I just can't believe it's only been five years and we have accomplished so very much.  You can make me laugh when I am ready to loose my mind, listen to me when I sound like a fool and make me feel good about myself when I am far too negative for my own good.

This weekend we will go back to the place where it all began, that cute little cabin in Hocking Hills.  It was that dreary March weekend that I knew I wanted to marry you one day and now I am finally your wife!  So here's to a lifetime of joy and happiness together.  To our love and watching it grow and blossom as time goes on and to the years past (year 4, year 3, year 2 and year 1 which I never wrote a blog about.....my bad).

With love always,


Recent favorite quotes about love:

Sometimes love isn't firecrackers, sometimes love comes softly.

I have always known it was you.


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