Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So What Wednesday!

I have been longing to do another So What Wednesday and I have been a mega blog slacker, but guess what this week I'm on the ball!  I've been keeping up with my blog reading and commenting and hopefully more than one person will comment on my blog today!

So What Wednesday

So this week I'm saying so what.....

If I swore I would get back on WeightWatchers this week and I've been a totally horrible eater.  I know I will feel better if I just follow the plan.

If my hubby said he would also buy me new workout equipment but I still don't know what I want.

That I'm still driving my mildly wrecked car, but got the insurance assessment done and now just need to make a body shop appointment.

That all I can think about is summer, being on our boat, maybe getting the house done, going camping and eating outside.  Then today we get another snow storm in Ohio.  YUCK!

If I've been a hot mess emotionally and I feel like a total failure with my career.  Something could be changing soon, I can only hope that it will be just what I need!

If all I have been thinking about lately is what life would be like if we never had kids.  I can't seem to make up my mind at all about children and I feel guilty about it in a way.  Too many people are harassing me about when we are starting a family.  Well, what if I decide that day is NEVER?!  UGH, this is such a difficult decision!

If I think I have been sick for a month, I can't seem to breath through my nose right and I look like some creepy mouth breather in the morning.  Did anyone else watch Hey Arnold?!  Remember that kid who loved Holga and would stalk her and breath really loud through his mouth?!  Yeah, that's me!

That my husband won this huge award and we have done nothing to celebrate.  I'm trying to hold off till this weekend and surprise him with something, I just need to figure out what I'm going to do!

What are YOU saying so what to this week?!


Unknown said...

So what if I'm letting my kids run amok all over my house, which is a filthy mess, in pursuit of the highly unlikely dream of becoming a published author?! Ha ha.

I hope you feel better and stop mouth-breathing soon! I miss you!

Aleta said...

Listen... take your time and enjoy being married. I don't regret in the least that for the first four years we didn't have a child. We also were told we couldn't have children and so it wasn't in the plans. But also, in saying this, I have to strongly add, I am thrilled to be a mommy, even thought it is HARD work. And It DOES put a strain on a marriage, no matter how much joy there is in being a parent, it's a heck of a learning experience. So, do what you feel is natural for you and your husband. God will put you on the path and know what's best :) Our path just took a little longer to get there :) I don't regret any part of the path :)