Tuesday, January 28, 2014

She's Here!

So it has taken me forever to post that our daughter finally made her way into the world!  Things have been crazy, which is expected with a new baby and I'm just now finding a moment to post at least a little something about her birth (two-part birth story coming soon).

Jeanette Mae was born on Thursday, January 23rd at 4:24am.  After 27 hours of labor, I ended up needing a c-section due to the shape of my pelvic bone and the position of the baby.  The last three hours of the labor were all pushing so I was pretty disappointed when I heard the news that I could not deliver on my own.  She weighed in at 8lbs, 6ozs and is 21.5 inches long.  I'm not 100% sure yet what color her eyes will be but they are dark so I would assume they will be brown or green and she has a head full of dark hair!

Here are a few photos and I'll be sure to update everyone by the weekend with her birth story since it's rather long.  I'm so glad that I took a notebook to the hospital and wrote everything down that happened over those 27 hours and the 4 days beyond that where we stayed at the hospital.

Just minutes after she was born, I wish I was able to see all this going on behind me
Right after the baby was born, getting stitched up
Father-Daughter bonding time.  So precious and sweet.
A few days after she was born, when I was finally able to shower
and felt more human.  I didn't get to shower for four days!
Becoming a mother has been a pretty incredible experience.  I find myself feeling so full of love these days and I could just stare at that sweet little baby for hours on end.  I find it hard to believe that she goes to her first pediatrician appointment tomorrow and will be a week old on Thursday (also the day we are doing newborn photos). 

Thanks to everyone for your awesome comments and support during my pregnancy.  I can't wait to share her birth story with everyone!


Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She's so beautiful and I love her name! You are a rock star..27 hours?! Looking forward to hearing more about her birth story, but take your time, and for now enjoy this time with her!!! So excited!!!

Carol said...

Congrats Amanda! She is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear the birth story!

Lindsay said...

YAY!! She's here!! You're a MOMMY! It doesn't matter how she entered the world, as long as you and her are healthy, that's all that matters!! xoxo