Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On being a mother

I decided to take a little unplanned hiatus from this blog while I was on maternity leave.  I've been back at work for a few days and the little one is now 2 months old.  My 9 weeks of leave went by so fast and I made every effort to be present for my daughter during that time and spend as much time with her as I could.  So many things have been happening and I plan to back up and do a one month old and two month old post this week as well.  But for now I just wanted to write a little update on motherhood and what it has meant to me over these last few months. 

Since I had to have a c-section I was in the hospital from Thursday till Sunday.  Having all of that extra help sure was wonderful considering I couldn't really get out of bed for the first 24 hours.  Andrew pretty much never left my side, other than his runs to the gift shop or hospital cafeteria for some food.  We had visitors come and go, thankfully all of my wishes for family only and no children were granted and we had a rather relaxing stay.  The breastfeeding didn't go too well at first, but eventually with the help of the lactation consultant, things got going.  When it was time to leave on Sunday, we were both a nervous wreck and it didn't help that the weather was awful too.

That was the freeway, hardly plowed and very slick.
Sunday night was crazy, as can be expected your first day home with a baby.  I don't think anyone in the house slept much, except for the cat.  As the days went on though in those first few weeks, things got easier.  Jeanette had her first appointment with the pediatrician, I got my staples removed and Andrew was able to take an extra week off work to help out since I was on restrictions. 

He is such an amazing dad, burping Jeanette after her 3am
feeding at the hospital.
With each day, I got more into my "groove" with Jeanette.  We had our feeding times pretty well set and I worked really hard to keep her on a schedule.  From day one, she slept in her crib (our room is right next to the nursery so we didn't even need the monitor to hear her) and now at 2 months old, she's sleeping through the night!  I was so glad I read the Baby Wise book because it really helped me out with the scheduling and getting her to sleep through the night.

Watching my baby girl grow and change each day has been so amazing!  You'll be able to see the change for sure from her one month to two month posts when I get those up later this week.  There have been struggles, the biggest one being her weight gain.  At her 1 month appointment she hadn't gotten back to her birth weight and although she had her fair share of messy diapers and wasn't starving, I was told my milk wasn't enough for her and began supplementing with formula.  It was a hard pill to swallow, but I knew I needed to do what was best for my baby.  She has been doing a lot better now that she gets the formula and breastmilk and for this I am happy.

There have been good days and bad days, I've cried and laughed more times than I can count over the last few months.  We are a family now and being a mom is nothing like I ever could have dreamed it would be!  The love I feel for Jeanette is overwhelming and so pure.  She is such a good baby.  She rarely cries, eats well, is super alert and loves to follow our faces.  Leaving her to go back to work was so incredibly hard, but I know I am doing what is best for my family.

Meeting her sister Bessie for the first time when she was a week old.

Snuggles after a rough day.

Newborn photos

Our little family.
Those big dark eyes get me every time.

And now she's smiling, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever!
 Now a new adjustment has begun since I'm back to work and I'm sure that things will continue to change, but I know the love I have for that adorable, sweet little lovebug Jeanette will just grow stronger with each passing day!

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