Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My daughter is in an arranged marriage

One of my very best friends and I were pregnant at the same time and our babies are just two weeks apart.  Her son was born on February 12 and Jeanette was born January 23.  It's so amazing to have a close friend with a baby close to Jeanette's age and we got together with them over the weekend for a play date and a cookout for the adults.

When I found out I was having a girl and Sarah was having a boy we joked that our children were already in an arranged marriage.  The even funnier part is if they got married, Jeanette's married name would be my maiden name!

Watching these two cuties grow and change is so much fun, and their outfits even matched a little :)

Jeanette immediately tried to roll on top of R. 

Holding hands already! 
But little R is already in stiff competition with my friend Amanda's little guy who is 2 months younger than Jeanette.  Little A was born on March 23rd.

And just when I thought the competition was over, my friend Megan is due with a little boy in November!  Looks like I'm the only one with a girl for now :) she's going to get along well with boys if nothing else!


Carol said...

Aww so cute, love all the pics! Kennedy has two little boyfriends at school and one pushed the other out of the way to be close to her when I was picking her up the other day. Hilarious! Sounds like Jeanette is going to have some boys competing for her too!

Unknown said...

So cute! Sounds like she will have lots of boys to protect her :)