Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well, hello there

Oh hey, it's me.....that girl who never blogs anymore.  For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (AmandaP0922), yes I am still alive and things are relatively well in my life.  I have however been incredibly busy and focused on my job and family, thus the lack of updates on here.

I plan to update all of you on Jeanette who is growing like a weed and will be ONE on January 23rd.  I really can't believe I just typed that.  So a short update on Jeanette:

  • She's almost walking and weighing in around 19lbs.  She eats like a horse and loves to feed herself.  She's weening some from her bottles, but still loves one around nap time and when she wakes up.  
  • She's saying, uh-oh, hi, mama and dada now
  • We did find a new sitter and she's wonderful, Jeanette is the only child in her care (besides her own kids who are in school during the day) and they have so much fun together
As for the rest of my life, well things have been busy to say the least.  Andrew is looking for a new job, we had our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as a family of three, we are likely going to be moving with in a year or two and we are in the midst of more home projects.

Here are a few photos just so you can see what has been going on around these parts.  Thanks to anyone who reads this and still follows me, I will be better in 2015!

Andrew got his first deer this year during bow season, a nice sized 8pt buck.
I'm glad we paid to have the deer processed, the meat is good
leaner than beef and a lot cheaper in the long run! 

Jeanette on Christmas morning! 

11 months old in her Christmas Dress in front of my mom's
aluminum tree! 
Mom life!
Baby girl got pretty sick for the first time :(
I was pretty spoiled this Christmas by the hubby.
New Year's Eve was pretty low key this year.
Jeanette loves to watch Bessie, they are such buddies! 
What happened to my little baby?!?!

This girl, she's so silly and sweet.

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Carol said...

Oh my goodness that Christmas dress, so adorable! My hubby would be jealous of that buck! He has had a horrible hunting season so far!