Friday, February 6, 2015

Jeanette - one year old

Jeanette didn't have her one year pediatrician appointment until February 5th, so I decided to wait until then to post her stats.  I still cannot believe that she is a year old!

Height: 31 inches (98th percentile)

Weight: 21 pounds even (75th percentile)

Clothes/Diapers:  Little miss is wearing mostly all 12 month clothes and 18 month sleepers since she's so tall.  She's still in a size 3 diaper.  She has small, skinny feet like her momma and I have a hard time finding her shoes, she can still wear some size 2 or 2.5 baby shoes which range from 6 months to 12 months for a guideline.

Sleep: Jeanette is still the worlds most amazing sleeper.  She sleeps through the night from 8pm till 7am and takes two naps.  I have a feeling she may go down to one nap soon, but I'm not going to push her.  She still likes to suck her thumb before she falls asleep.

Feedings:  We are officially done with bottles, which I find hard to believe but I'm happy at the same time.  No more buying formula and no more bottle washing!  Jeanette now gets oatmeal in the morning when she wakes up along with a sippy cup of whole milk.  She gets a morning snack around 9:30 and lunch at noon.  I've also been giving her milk before her afternoon nap.  It's great that she can eat dinner at the same time we do now so we don't have to worry about entertaining her while we eat!  She also gets some milk before bed at night.  Jeanette LOVES to eat and is all about self feeding, though we are still working on using utensils.

Worst Moment(s): The shots/finger prick at her one year appointment here awful!  I have not seen her scream that hard in a very long time and she was pretty crabby the rest of the day.  I finally got her to fall asleep in the car after offering her some milk and puffs.

Best Moment(s): There are probably too many to name for this month.  I think from 9 months on, we've really been able to see her personality develop.  I think we may have a daddy's girl on our hands as well, she lights up when Andrew walks into the room and immediately wants him to hold her.

Development:  Jeanette has been cruising on the furniture since Thanksgiving but doesn't seem quite ready to let go just yet and walk.  I read that kids who are excellent crawlers walk later and I think she falls into this category.  Other development: talking (dada, mama, uh-oh, kitty, dog, hi, no), rolling a ball back and forth, handing over her toys, playing peek-a-boo either with her hands or putting an object in front of her face, standing unassisted for a minute or two, identifying things by pointing.

Jeanette Likes: Food, the cat and the dog, books, dancing to music, sticking her fingers in your ears and mouth/pulling hair, walking while holding your hands, bath time.

Jeanette Dislikes: There isn't much I can put her anymore, she loves most everything!

Enjoying her first piece of birthday cake. 

Sneak peek from her one year photos with Erica Pitcock Photography.

Enjoying some reading at a family dinner.

Thumb sucking

Harassing Bessie

Enjoying the fish at the doctor's office with daddy.

Sippy cup champ! 

Birthday pancakes at Grandma Sharon's! 


jennifermariefrederick said...

Ooops! That last comment was from me, not from my husband!!!

Erin said...

I still can't believe our babes are basically a year old (Tate on Tues!)!! What a fast year! Miss J is so darn cute, love her 1 yr pic on the chair!

Lindsay said...

Wait, what? She's one?? Wasn't it just last month that we were talking about being pregnant together? Ha ha!

She is so beautiful! I love the sneak peak of her 1 year old photos! Can't wait to see more!