Friday, July 18, 2008

Back again

So I had to delete my old account, someone hacked into it and changed my password, but once I figured it all out I decided to make a new blog.....lets just hope no one random finds it again.....long long long story.....

Sooo anyways. Life is decent right now, just got a full time job and I will be starting on August 4th. School is coming along, I go back part-time as a continuing studies student in September and I am looking forward to that. Andrew and I are still going strong, getting close to the 6 month mark right now at the beginning of August. Still looking at houses and the one we loved in West Jefferson just had another price reduction, I think its meant to be.

Still living at home for the time being.....not too sure how exciting thats been but will have to do for now.

Last night Andrew and I hung out, went out to dinner at Hooters (yeah yeah I know but they do have really good food) and took a motorcycle ride out to his family cemetary, which there is not much left of. It was probably one of the saddest things I have ever seen. Most of the headstones are destroyed and you would never even know the place was there if you drove by the place. His relatives were some of the first to settle on the South side of what is now Rt. 40 or W. Broad St.; they all came here from Delaware to farm. It would be nice if his family was able to fix it up, they do have a rock with all the names of those buried there in a cemetary not too far from the original one.

Well thats all for now! More another day, I should probably do something productive at work right now.

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Caitlyn said...

Yes! I've missed your blog! I'm sorry your old one got hacked. I miss you!