Sunday, July 20, 2008


So this weekend has been good....Friday was another night with Andrew. We went to good old Subway for dinner (we are trying not to eat awful food so much right now) so I figure thats healthy! Took a nice 3-5 mile bike ride around West Jefferson and looked at our "dream house." I think Andrew is kinda scared to take the step to buy something and make the commitment to stay in that little town so idk whats going to happen....I'm trying not to think about it too much, but its hard because this house is beautiful!

Yesterday I worked at 3 Belles from 2ish till 7. It was busy at first but then things slowed down and I marked down clothes and such to waste time. After that I met Jess at the Marcus to see Batman.....holy smokes was that an AMAZING movie!!! I won't give too much away, but its pretty dark and kinda messed up but totally amazing! Go see it if you can, I am going to see it again on Tuesday probably with Andrew. After that I just came home and lounged around the house bc the popcorn made me feel ill.

Today its my Grandpa's bday dinner at 3:30 then who knows what after that.....I am off work tomorrow so that will give me some time to get things organized for the week ahead!

I also got a new checking account....its funny that it makes me excited, but I guess that is what getting old does to us. 23 and thats all I have to get excited about its my Chase Free Checking Leasure Rewards Account......hahahaha!

Well I guess thats it for now.....time for a lazy morning!

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