Friday, August 29, 2008

Haiku Friday

So I have decided to steal this idea from Melissa and make the horrid attempt at writing a haiku or two....we'll see how it goes!

Foggy this morning
I drove into work singing
Carrie Underwood
I love her new song
And I used to hate country
Seems odd to me now
Road trip this weekend
Just me and Andrew my love
I can't wait to go
Sorry if this sucks
At least I tried to write one
Better luck next time

Again, my appologies if that sucked.....I tried, honestly I did.....I should probably do something related to work now, instead of looking at blogs and Facebook stalking.....haha


Mel said...

No no, I love it! I like to put spaces between each 3-line stanza, but it's still good! I see you changed your template to Thisaway Rose... I know that because that's the first one I tried, and then I changed my mind before actually publishing. If you want other people to read your Haiku, go to and follow the instructions. I can give you the link for the button if you have problems with that, it's a little hard to figure out the first time. Anyway, love the haiku! keep it up!

Amanda said...

I don't know why the spacing got messed up, I tried to fix it and it wouldn't work for some reason....oh well....maybe I'll get inspired for some better ones over the weekend!

Yeah idk about that background, still deciding on it or not.