Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Over the weekend

Well I would def. have to say that this weekend was great!!!

Friday night Andrew picked me up after work and we headed back to his place for the night so we could leave for Muncie early Saturday morning. We left about 7:30am and got there around 10am bc I had to stop to pee twice....woops....lol. Almost immediately the boys started working on Andrews brothers new motorcycle, so Erica and I decided to go shopping. We brought the boys back lunch and after everyone got cleaned up we went to Rural King - a giant tractor supply store. We got an inflatable 30" deep pool there for like $15....the boys didn't like it but whatever! After that we went to Domo, a Japanese Steakhouse, and it was amazing, expensive but so good!!!! I had the best sushi roll, deep fried with creme cheese inside.....yummm!!! We got back that night and drank and hung out...got in the pool at 11pm when it was freezing and passed out around 12am.

Saturday we all went to breakfast at this cute little diner, and afterwards went to a gun store. Andrew ended up getting a new gun, don't ask me what, I just know its a .22 and has a scope on it...haha. Erica and I cooked the boys dinner and then we waited for the rest of the friends to get there so we could all go bowling. That was probably my fave part of the weekend, we just drank some pitchers, danced around like idiots and ended up pretty much getting kicked out because they were closing and no one told us that....oh well! We went back to David and Ericas and everyone goofed off and drank some more....I was the idiot that passed out before everyone else while the party continued. But it was still a blast, I put pics on my Facebook if you wanna check them out!

Last night Andrew also decided to move back in with his parents. Where he is living now is not the greatest situation and things just continue to get worse. His mom and dad just bought a new house, and they don't intend to use the second floor at all bc of his moms bad knee. So Andrew would get the master bedroom, complete with a full bath and its own deck! I think its for the best that he do this till they decide where he would live on the farm, there are a few ideas floating around at the moment. He'll probably move in there next weekend for good. Well thats all I've got for now....the new pic is of me and Erica, Andrews sis-in-law!


Mel said...

Okay, so who's getting married now? It's not Amanda Watts, is it?

Amanda said...

Yeah Amanda Watts is getting married October 24th of next year!