Thursday, September 11, 2008


I totally believe that this day 7 years ago is my generations Kennedy assassination....and still to this day I can remember exactly how I felt on this day 7 years ago.

I was in commons when it happened, 4th period or something I think....I can't really recall. They had turned on the TV's and just kept showing everything over and over, I almost could not believe what was going on. It was one of the first times I ever remember it being quiet in that huge room. I think choir was after that and we still sang, I don't remember there being a TV in that room. I remember a lot of people crying and wanting to go home, rumors flying around that our state might be attacked too. The whole rest of the day was nothing but watching TV and talking about what was going on. My boyfriend at the time was not in school that day, I can even remember he was out of town for a funeral and I called him on the payphone at school to see if he knew what was going on....I remember crying and being so scared. At home, it was the same, just this insane focus on nothing but New York, DC and Pennsylvania. I don't think anyone really knew how to feel. It was odd not seeing or hearing a plane fly over the house for days it seemed, how nothing else mattered but the fact that one of the best countries in the world suddenly just fell apart.

I honestly do feel extra patriotic on this day. Glad in the fact that I live in such a wonderful country. People really did stand up for the red, white and blue that day and still continue to now. This morning on the way to work I saw several trucks with giant flags waving from the back and I honked to show my appreciation to them for standing up for our country and showing that no matter what we all stick one will ever forget this day, I can guarantee you that much.

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maggie said...

Beautifully written. I spent yesterday reflecting and posted a tribute to a great soul lost that day. Seeing the flags come back out made me smile, too. Things are kind of tough and divided in America right now, but we are still Americans, and I am still proud.