Monday, September 8, 2008

Nothing too thrilling

I have decided to change the photo on my page every week. This week is the waterfall at Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park. I have been wanting to go back there so badly lately. Andrew and I had such a great time back in March when we went! It was a great way for us to really get to know one another on a one on one basis since at the time he was living with his 2 roommates and we never really were totally alone with one another. I'd like to go back again for the simple fact that its so relaxing and peaceful there. Maybe a fall trip is in order soon!!!! I am thinking of either going there again or taking Andrew to Pittsburgh since he's never been there. I think it would be a lot of fun!!

I finally found out today that the birth control shot was the culprit of last weeks illness. I looked into some online forums of women who have been on the shot and they had the same symptoms for a few days after the first dose. They said it tapered off after about a week. Some also complained of mood swings, headaches and a drop in libido, but I have yet to experience any of those symptoms and I am hopeful that I will not have any of them. The stomach issues were enough for me! I still have not decided if I will continue with the shot after I get health insurance or not....guess I will see what the doctor has to say about it!

Nothing else too thrilling went on this weekend, the Steelers won, which is great, first game of the season. Next week we play the Browns and they are having a Browns vs. Steelers fans smackdown at Victory Park in Pickerington. I am totally going with all of my gear on, it should be a blast! And Saturday Sarah and Dave (my old roommate from College and her husband) are having a OSU vs. USC cookout so that should be fun. Andrew can finally meet all of my college friends!


Caitlyn said...

Hey, at least you're not pregnant! Haha. Kristin had some problems when she first went on the pill. It made her stomach upset, too. I think it's because that kind of BC makes your body think that it's pregnant, so you get a little taste of the real thing. Fun, isn't it?

Amanda said...

Yeah I think thats what it is, and I am not liking this whole feeling like I am pregnant But yes its better than having a baby right now....I don't think I could handle that at the moment!