Friday, September 26, 2008

Haiku Friday - Another stressful week!

Haiku Friday

This week at my work
Has been so stressful and nuts
Makes me tired, *yawn*

No time for my friends
I fall asleep on the phone
Talking to Andrew

Weekend my savior
Payday now too, gifts to buy
Andrew birthday soon

Please let next week be
More calm and much less stressful
I want some fun now!

This week has been so insane, yet again. Yesterday I finally got to register for my classes after fighting Great Lakes to disperse my loan before Friday!!!! Had I not been able to register yesterday, I would have had to make an appeal to academic council, with no guarantee that I would have been able to register then either. And I would have had to make some crazy payment to the school.....its a long story, but its all said, done and over now!!! Sorry for not returning calls this week.....I have been so tired, but next week should be better.

I am going to our Pittsburgh office again, October 5th through the 7th for another photo project and to ride along on a route there. I am excited to go again, someone was supposed to come with me but she can't now, our schedules just clash too much. This time I had to rent a car to take, thankfully our corporate account allows me to do that since you have to be 25 to rent a car.....I either get a Chevy Colbalt or Ford Focus.....I am hoping for the Cobalt!

I also took some new photos of our company vehicles which I'll post in another blog once I get them all edited in photoshop!


Honey Mommy said...

I hope your weekend is like a mini-vacation! Relax and enjoy!

Hopefully next week will be less stressful!

Mel said...

Actually I've heard the Focus is pretty cool. But I'm sure whatever you get will be fun since it's a rental, and those are often pretty tricked out. Call me next week -- I have Tuesday and Wednesday off work so those may be the best days to get together.