Saturday, September 27, 2008

Torn between choices

This week has been so nuts, I have hardly even had time to think, but yesterday on my drive to Westerville to see Erica I had a few moments of deep thought. I honestly feel torn with how to spend my free time lately. Next week I know its time to spend time with friends, especially Melissa (by the way I might con you into helping me with homework....hahaha for my bio class) bc we have been trying to make plans forever. On weekends I like to be at home or with Andrew. He works till 8pm everynight of the week so its hard to spend time together when he gets off work.....I kinda hate it. I saw him for 3 hours last night and it seemed like 5 mins. Tonight I am going over there too, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Yesterday also threw me into some deep thought about him (Andrew) as well. For some reason yesterday for the first time I felt like a total part of his family. Out shopping with Erica she called me her sister-in-law many times and it just made me smile. We talked about how badly she wanted a baby right now and how he/she can call me Aunt Amanda, that made me even happier. I love his mom and dad, they are the most down to earth and sweet people in the world! His brother and sister are cool too, as well as his sister-in-law (Erica) and brother-in-law (Clark). Erica and I talked about Andrew and I getting married and I hope its not too far off. By my calculations school will be done August of 2009 assuming Spanish is offered in the summer, which it always is! Erica thinks he will propose to me once I graduate and then we will get married in 2010....maybe thats wishful thinking on my part but I think she knows him pretty well after 8 years!

So anyways.....I hope that I am able to better balance my time here soon....any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Caitlyn said...

Do the Mormon thing! Just get married! Haha. Man, 2010? That's crazy far away to me. I'll probably have another hid, haha.

Amanda said...

If it was up to me we would be engaged And yeah you'll probably have another kid and so will everyone else I know....I'll be the old maid getting married at 25! lol

Mel said...

Yeah, by 2010 I'll probably have another kid too... no, really. I guess it depends on when you get married. Aw, man. Everybody's growing up. And anyway, if I hadn't gotten pregnant, Brandon and I would still be planning our wedding, looking to get married March or November 2009. I'd be 25 or almost there.