Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tag! I'm bored!

Blog Tag: It took me a while to get this to work but here it is....good old tag.....stolen from both Catilyn and Melissa! You know how it is. To play along, just answer each question and type the answer into Google image search and post the first picture that comes up.

First Name: Amanda (yeah right if I looked like this......oh man) - from

Middle Name: Lynn (Some olympic winning body builder....ew)

Last Name: Miller
(Wentworth Miller from the show Prison Break, dang he is super hot!)

Age: 23
(I have no idea what this thing is supposed to mean)

Place I'd like to visit someday: Poland

Favorite Vacation Spot: Ocean City, MD

Past Celebrity Crush: John Bon Jovi

College Major: Public Relations

Place(s) I grew up: Pickerington, OH

First Job: Fishers Greenhouse

Favorite Treat: Chocolate

Favorite Food: Grilled cheese sandwich

Favortie Color: Pink

Somewhere I've gone today: US Cargo (oddly enough this is from our website!)

I could not get the last question to work, besides I have no idea what I am doing for dinner since I will probably be at Andrews. And my work sucks because its like 45 outside, we still have the AC on in here and its about 60! I forgot my sweatshirt and my face and hands feel frozen right now......why can't we turn the heat on....I mean really this is nuts!!!

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Mel said...

Eek! Air's on here too. The kids had gym today, and OMG I was a freakin' icicle. So glad I brought my late fall jacket to work... didn't even look at the weather before I left this morning.