Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "itichies"

So my lovely flea bites seem to be getting better today. I got some benadryl cream last night and it seems to work better than the Caladryl that the doc originally told me to get for my bites. The ones on my feet seem worse today, but I am hopeful they will get better. I just don't want to look all gross for the two weddings I am going to this weekend!

I am super excited for next weekend, Andrew and I and the "in-laws" are going to the Haunted X haunted house at the old Mansfield Prison!! Its one of the longest and scariest haunted houses around!!! I love Halloween and I cannot wait to go!!!! Since we aren't doing something for Andrew's birthday this weekend that will be part of the celebration. Plus Erica (sister-in-laws) birthday is not too long after that, so we can celebrate both!

Other than my bites and all that lovelyness things are about the same. I am annoyed with this class I am taking, everything is emailed to us, including powerpoints (which I hate and want to never have for a class again) and he waits till 1-2 hours before class to send them to us. Ugh.....please let these 10 weeks go quickly!

Well thats about all for now.....I am just bored at work because my boss is not here and I have nothing to do....

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Mel said...

Glad to hear you're (mostly) feeling better. Give me a call when you get out of work, and we can talk about getting together tonight. If I don't hear from you, I'll call you. I have to go back to work again tomorrow.