Sunday, December 7, 2008

The first fallen snow

We had our first major snow here around Columbus this weekend and it was beautiful (if you weren't driving in it). I wasn't expecting us to have this much snow when they called for flurries and about one inch but we ended up with about 3 at my house and horrible roads. In the early afternoon we went to "little" Adam's first birthday party but unfortunately had to leave early bc the roads were getting bad. The 2-3 mile drive home was a little bit icy, I ran a red light near my house because my car wouldn't stop in time even though I was going 15mph. Andrew and I had planned to go to the Wildlights at the zoo that night so he came and picked me up since I was in no mood to drive up to his house. It took us about 1.5 hours to get from my end of town up to Dublin when it should take 45 mins.

The zoo was beautiful in the snow. They converted the whole thing to LED lights this year thanks to AEP and it was lovely, more beautiful than I had remembered it being last year. They also added a light show around the pond at the main entrance that flickered to music. We stood their like little kids watching it for what seemed like hours. It was a really great night bc hardly anyone was there and everything was so pretty and quiet. I am so thankful that we have been able to re-connect over these last few weeks. I love our dates, we always have a good time and laugh and enjoy one another. He had never been to the Wildlights so that was fun to take him for the first time. I stayed at his place that night for the first time since all of the "drama" started and it was kinda weird I guess. I am still trying to stay a little guarded considering what has gone on over the last few months.

Today it was another great Steelers win!!!! Lets hope the next two hard games go this well......they are going to be really tough. Back to work for me tomorrow and it should be a pretty laid back week. No meetings for school until Friday and nothing too hectic going on. I am excited to decorate our tree tomorrow with our new LED lights!!!!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yay, led lights! Thank goodness there were no mishaps with the running of that red light......driving on icy roads scares the crap out of me!

I am a control freak :)

Amanda said...

I am always scared to death that I am going to wreck in the snow....I can't afford a new car right now so that is what worries me the most.

And I hate not being in control of that thing too :)

Mel said...

I was talking to a few parents at work this afternoon who also ran red lights because of the ice. I'm glad nothing more serious happened.