Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I've been meaning to do.....

I was going to take photos of our Christmas tree/decorations to put on here, but alas I have been extra lazy this week and didn't get around to it yet. Maybe tonight I will while helping my mom address Christmas cards!

Last night I went to dinner with Andrew at Smokey Bones (its my new fave place to eat) and had every intention of getting my brother a Christmas gift when we went to Gander Mountain afterward, but I didn't find a single thing I could afford that he would want. Although I got him a goofy gift and debated on a purchase for don't laugh (although I know some of you will) I found a......cough gun cough that I liked. Now I don't intend on going out and killing animals I just like to target shoot, its a fun bonding activity to do with Andrew and his family. I didn't buy it though since Andrew was convinced I could get a better deal at a non-chain gun store/on a used one.

There are a lot more things I've been meaning to do this week.....Christmas shopping, cleaning, helping out at home, going to bed at a decent hour so I'm not tired all day at work, cutting back on my caffeine intake and not eating out every single day at work.....but although my intentions are good I don't seem to get around to doing any of these things.

Anything you've been meaning to do this week that you haven't? I'd be happy to know that I am not the only one with good intentions that go no where!

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Mel said...

I've been meaning to go to bed early every night for the past few weeks. I get it.

I ate lunch out a lot when I was working in downtown Boston. I also hit Starbucks a lot in the mornings.

Now the only impulse buying I do is at the grocery or for lottery tickets. :)