Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Busy

Whew, am I glad that last week is over with! Things were so hectic. I started back to school after being off for 6 weeks and some odd days for Holiday Break, work was super busy all week long and I was helping out lots of people around the office. My boss has been gone and I'm not sure when she is coming back to the office (her daughter had surgery up at the Cleveland Clinic this week). One good thing though, I don't think my classes are going to be horrible this quarter. I have more time during the week and weekend to get homework done and there are 10 people in my PR class and 3 in my Math class.

The weather was crummy here all weekend, freezing rain all day Saturday making for an interesting drive up to school. None of the sidewalks up to my class had been salted and while carrying a 15lb bookbag I somehow made it up the icy stairs to my class. After it was over I went over to Andrews, we hung out with David and Erica most of the day and I ended up staying the night bc his parents driveway was so icy I could not drive back down it without sliding into traffic on a busy road.

Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast and then I headed home, cleaned up, did homework and watched the Steelers (who are now on their way to the AFC Championship next week!!!). Its funny my whole life I've always been really girly, but football is the one thing "tomboy" about me.....Andrew doesn't even like to watch football, I mean really and he is a pretty big "mans man."

Andrew and I also started looking at houses (yes, again.....) this weekend and thanks to our wonderful Realtor (your dad is the best Caitlyn) for being patient with us and finding all sorts of listings that meet our needs! I'll keep you all updated on the hunt, we will probably go look at some more places on Sunday!

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Caitlyn said...

Yes! I love my dad too! I don't know when we'll be back in town, but I'll definitely call you. It might be a while. Also we're in VA now, not TN.