Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Years Goals

For some reason, I hate the word resolution, so I am just going to set goals for myself for this year....ones that I am planning on keeping for once!
  1. Loosing weight - I have been so lazy about working out for the past 3 months....summer it was easy, took a lot of bike rides and spent a lot of time walking outside with Andrew and Bessie, but in winter I have zero motivation! When I got weighed at the doctor yesterday I almost wanted to throw up bc I was almost back to my heaviest weight ever.....I hate that I let it go for this long!
  2. Saving money - I suck at this, really bad.....I eat out a lot and most of my money is spent on that alone. I need to just start setting aside at least a little bit each month so I'm not feeling so guilty. I'm going to start packing my lunch and maybe only allowing myself to eat out once a week.
  3. Graduating - I can for sure make this happen, I have 3 more quarters and there is no reason why I should not finish this time around. Graduation is set for August!
Those are really the only goals that I am going to set right now. If I can meet them or start working on them I could possibly set some more. I really want to work on getting back to my high school weight, which means I need to loose about 20lbs give or take a few. I was doing good this time last year with working out, but I had to quit my gym when I left my other job (got a big discount bc I worked in the town where the rec center was). Now I am joining Curves with my mom for just $10 per month! Plus I can work out at school after my Saturday class or on Thursday nights before my class if I am motivated.

So what goals does everyone else have?

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