Friday, February 27, 2009

Haiku Friday - sickness blues and good news

Haiku Friday

Sick most of the week,
Lost my voice, sore throat, can't sleep.
Need rest this weekend.

We may finally
have a house now, our first choice.
It's taken so long.

I don't want to be
too excited, no, not now
dreams might get deferred.

Next is the closing
Financing, walk-through, blah blah
I'm ready to move.

If you read my blog from the other day we are back to our original home choice at the moment. Things are looking up. Andrew might go sign papers today, he has a meeting with a few mortgage people on Monday at Fifth Third and Key Bank to see what he can get (although he is pre-approved already). Then its waiting for the closing and we can finally start working on the house. The loan he would like to get would allow us money to fix up the house and to get the appliances/new hot water heater/possible new furnace.

I have a crazy weekend ahead of me, and I have been sick 1/2 the's to hoping I get better soon!


Mommycosm said...

Very exciting about the house! Good luck. Hope everything works out for you and that you feel better.

Great 'ku :)

Cathy said...

a new house--very exciting!

Heather said...

Good luck with the house stuff & feel better soon!!

Christina said...

Wow, exciting news about the house! Too bad you're not feeling well to properly celebrate - hope you're better soon!

Pamela said...

Good luck with your house purchase. As a former residential and commercial closer, I know how exciting yet stressful it can be. I pray you feel better soon. :)

P.S. This is my first week trying Haiku Friday. I'm very happy to meet you.