Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been so bad about blogging....

To be honest its been a good two weeks since I've read any of the blogs I follow or even left someone a comment, so tonight will be a catch up night! I'm sorry to all those bloggers who I normally comment and read weekly. Things have been crazy busy lately and I've just been so tired at night that I don't even get on here!

Here is a cool photo of a rainbow I saw on Tuesday to start things off. I was driving out to the house and saw this and I just had to slow down and take a picture! Its been at least 4 years since I last saw a rainbow!

Everything with the house is coming along, its going slow, but its getting there. We have about 90% of the plumbing issues fixed and have started on some of the cosmetic stuff. I painted the living room, we tore out more drywall and priced out a new fridge (we got a used stove, washer and dryer), counter tops for the kitchen, bathroom stuff and some lighting. I was honestly suprised at how low cost an EnergyStar kitchen light was at Lowes! We are going to hit some garage sales this weekend to look for a kitchen table and maybe an entertainment center and a few other odds and ends we need.

Things with my dad are about the same. He is at a job hunt conference kinda thing today and tomorrow during the day. He's had one interview and went to a semi-crummy job fair yesterday. Its weird with him being around the house, but kinda nice too because a few things went haywire around here over the weekend that he had time to fix. We are hopeful that he will have another job here soon!

Well, I guess that's it for me! I'll catch up on my reading and what not after a short nap....4-5 hours of sleep a night is totally not enough.....

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