Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life changes

As of Friday, my dad is unemployed. Legally, I'm not allowed to say much about it bc of this confidentiality thing he had to sign on his last day. It really hasn't sunk in with me yet....I guess maybe it will next week when he's not gone by the time I wake up and when our freezer is no longer full of his products. I'm just so hopeful that he will find work soon, this is probably the scariest time our family has been through besides when we moved down here from Michigan. I just pray they can keep their home and vehicles. Its going to be really hard and its probably a good thing that I am moving out soon.

The house is coming along nicely. Yesterday I started painting the living room, but didn't get too far. Andrew and his brother tore down the rotted shed in the backyard and disrupted a skunks home, and thankfully no one got sprayed, lol. His dad worked on the plumbing but there are still some issues, but we can now get water from a spicket down in the basement near the well pump. Today, if it doesn't rain Andrew is going to finish the drainage ditch and I'm going to finish painting. Then I can move along to the kitchen or upstairs hallway, or get the floors cleaned really good.

Other than that, not much is going on. Just working, fixing the house and trying to be here for my parents.

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