Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More house stuff (to bore you) lol

Now that progress is finally starting to be made on the house I find myself thinking about every little thing that I want to do! These are some photos I found online.

Kitchen - I hate the cabinets, this is more my style.

Bedroom, obviously ours is not that big, but I love those colors! I'd like to get a nice bed frame at some point too.

My office - I get the little upstairs room to do whatever I want with!!! I'd love a desk like this with a nice organization center.

Bathroom - Well one of them. I know its kinda like the bedroom, but that might be cool for the one upstairs.

We picked out the paint for the living room tonight, its going to be Homestead Sage, its a pretty color, not too dark and it will look nice with the furniture. I'm going to just keep the trim white and make a window seat for the bay window. I've got some swatches to see what will look good in the kitchen, but I have a good deal of hole filling to do in there before I can paint, and it has to be primed, and of course the ceiling needs done too! Andrew thinks by my birthday the house will be done. I'm thinking more mid-June....anyone wanna place bets?!?!

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Mel said...

Wow, you guys got a really cool project house! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up lately. We've all been under a lot of stress lately. Brandon's student teaching, lesson plans, job search, classes, and homework leave him very moody and too busy to help out with Adam or household chores. My full-time work, full-time single parenting, and full-time housecleaning leave me cranky too.

We're both feeling so burnt out, and Adam suffers because neither of us is as patient as usual, and neither one of us can spend the time with him that we want to.

Brandon's searching for job openings, but there's not a lot. So far it looks like we may have to move to the north end or even Cincinnati for his job. If he gets hired.

I miss you! Adam does too. We'd love to stop by the house to help out, hang out, whatever. We're free until about 5:30 tomorrow, and all day Sunday.